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  • Holy Odd Holdings, Batman! Comic Books Invade YLS

    While walking through the law library recently (I admit I was there for the extensive DVD collection) I discovered display cases filled with the type of books one does not expect to encounter in a typical law library. From a distance, I expected the cases filled with brightly colored material to house...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 10-12-2010
  • Justice Breyer

    There are so many incredible speakers and guest lecturers that pass through the doors of the Law School that I admit I have become slightly jaded to the prominence and import of the visitors. Should I go to the Arianna Huffington lecture or catch up on my email? Will I spend the evening at the Albie...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 03-03-2010
  • "This American Life"

    One of the perks of attending law school at one of the world's premier universities is being able to take advantage of the academic, cultural, and social resources of Yale's other schools and departments. From taking classes in other departments for credit towards your JD to spending a random...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 04-08-2009
  • Spotlight on LAMP

    Those of you who have spent time browsing our website are probably familiar, at least passingly, with the many centers and programs at YLS. By my count, eleven such organizations are currently sponsored by YLS. Centers and programs serve as intellectual hubs within the School that attract faculty, students...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 11-18-2008
  • Red Sox Nation - Yale Law School Chapter

    To the outside observer Yale Law School is probably not the most likely of stops on a Boston Red Sox post-World Championship thank you tour. But when the Red Sox visited Connecticut last Friday, they made sure to stop by to thank their rabidly loyal YLS fan base. At a small event held in the Dining Hall...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 01-17-2008
  • I Want an iPhone

    If you’re a regular reader of 203 , you’ll remember my Global Constitutionalism Seminar post in which I talked about the staggering array of visitors, many of them leaders within the legal profession, who pass through the doors of the Law School. What many people don’t realize is that the School also...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 11-14-2007
  • Alumni Weekend and Law & Media

    The Law School recently hosted its annual Alumni Weekend. The Weekend brings together alumni for three days of classes and events designed to reconnect them with each other and with the School. Each Weekend has a theme and this year’s was particularly timely: elections, media, and politics. Attendees...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 10-21-2007
  • Global Consitutionalism Seminar

    Yale Law School hosted its eleventh Global Constitutionalism Seminar last week. The Seminar is a unique event that brings together Supreme Court and Constitutional Court judges from around the world. This year eighteen justices spent four days at the Law School meeting with faculty, students, and each...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 10-03-2007
  • "Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Jones!"

    This summer New Haven played host to filming for the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones film franchise. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was shot in various locations in New Haven and at Yale University. Virtually overnight, downtown New Haven was transformed into a 50’s-era city...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 09-24-2007
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