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  • Bad Idea Jeans: Nobody Does It Like Sandra Lee

    As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, many of you are putting the finishing touches on your law school applications. You might also be getting a few cooking tips from some of the great chefs at The Food Network. We here at 203 are especially big fans of Sandra Lee, host of TFN's Semi-Homemade...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 11-22-2010
  • P.S. Boot Camp: Reality Check, the Finale

    This week we are going to conclude our P.S. Boot Camp series, since it's almost the end of October and many of you have already sent out your applications (I begin reading next week!). Keep in mind that, unlike most schools, Yale's admissions process is designed so that your chances of admission...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 10-22-2010
  • P.S. Boot Camp: Sir, Step Away from the Law

    Hello, 203 readers. I'm back in town after being on the road for a few information sessions. If you're interested in having some of your questions answered, check out our recruiting schedule to see whether we will be visiting your college this season (either virtually or in person). We are sending...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 09-30-2010
  • Welcome 2013 / Fall Housekeeping

    Greetings from New Haven! School has started, the new class has settled in, and we're busily booking recruiting trips, which means it's time to kick off the admissions season. The school year started with a week-long orientation for new students. The week was filled with lectures, picnics, a...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 09-20-2010
  • P.S. Boot Camp: Overcoming Obstacles...But Not Really (Part II)

    OK, back on the wagon here with writing on the blog (sorry, things get hectic with the start of the school year). So, where were we? Oh yes, I think in our last Boot Camp we discussed obstacles versus disappointments , and why it's important to know the difference before deciding to incorporate either...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 09-03-2010
  • Summer Fun Book Club: Feeling Unsatisfied? Make a Checklist

    For this book club selection, we're going to move into nonfiction territory. Like my fiction tastes, my proclivities in nonfiction are kind of all over the place: Indian royalty, personal finance, Renaissance history, and childrearing, are all random topics I like to explore. But I do consistently...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 08-16-2010
  • P.S. Boot Camp: Overcoming Obstacles...But Not Really (Part I)

    Sorry I've been away from the blog...we admissions deans take vacations too, and I was in the Great State of Texas for the past week. Love Texas -- I have to be honest, if you like Mexican food, Connecticut is definitely not where it's at. Anyway, this week we'll look at the ever-popular...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 08-03-2010
  • P.S. Boot Camp; Make Sure You Have More Than One Trick

    OK, this week we're going to talk about another one of my least favorite law school personal statements: the One-Trick Pony Essay. Simply put, the OTPE usually involves an applicant who is extremely accomplished in or committed to a particular activity or sport, such as debate, chess, or baseball...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 07-12-2010
  • P.S. Boot Camp: Don't Argue

    OK, it's time to kick off my promised Personal Statement Boot Camp , which is designed to help you avoid some of the major mistakes I see in law school applications, and hopefully give you some ideas of how to make your P.S. better. I'm going to start with the theme I most dread reading every...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 06-29-2010
  • Summer Fun!

    We've been wrapping up the class over the last month or so, and now are pretty much set to coast for the summer. Usually we sign off for the summer, but this year I thought I'd try to do something different: for those of you getting a head start on your law school applications, I'll be hosting...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 06-17-2010
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