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  • Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA

    The Law School and Yale's School of Management (SOM) unveiled a pilot three-year joint degree program last spring for students interested in an integrated law and business curriculum. At the end of the three year Accelerate Integrated JD-MBA program (AI JD-MBA), students earn both a JD and an MBA...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by craigj on 10-23-2009
  • Sticker Shock

    Dear Asha, I'm a senior at a state university (a great school). I made the decision to attend a state school for financial reasons. My parents are middle-class and I learned that I was not going to receive any financial aid from the Ivies. Four years later, I have had a great educational experience...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 09-22-2008
  • The Scoop on Joint Degrees

    Dear Asha, I'm interested in designing a joint JD/PhD program with Yale's Department of English. Can you tell me anything about whether Yale encourages individually designed programs? Does my unusual profile make me a more or less desirable candidate? Thanks, A.M. Dear A.M., I’ve received a number...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 10-15-2007
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