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  • Summer Fun Book Club: Feeling Unsatisfied? Make a Checklist

    For this book club selection, we're going to move into nonfiction territory. Like my fiction tastes, my proclivities in nonfiction are kind of all over the place: Indian royalty, personal finance, Renaissance history, and childrearing, are all random topics I like to explore. But I do consistently...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 08-16-2010
  • Summer Fun!

    We've been wrapping up the class over the last month or so, and now are pretty much set to coast for the summer. Usually we sign off for the summer, but this year I thought I'd try to do something different: for those of you getting a head start on your law school applications, I'll be hosting...
    Posted to (203) Admissions Blog (Weblog) by asha on 06-17-2010
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