Something is happening along the U.S. - Mexico border...

Published 15 February 10 10:45 PM | grivera

In 2006, Congress passed The Secure Fence Act, calling for construction of 700 miles of fence along the U.S.- Mexico border. They were not prepared for what followed. "The Wall documents the construction of the border fence across the Southwest, and the human impact it has and constitutional issues that follow. From policy makers to citizens of border towns, the debate intensifies as residents respond to having a fence built in their backyard. We're thrilled to have the film director, Ricardo Martinez, present the documentary and conduct a Q&A.  Please join us for an open dialogue on United States border policy. 


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Film Screening: "The Wall"

Q&A with Director Ricardo Martinez

1:00 - 2:30, Saturday, February 20


# Mitchell Diaz, Texas Ex, Class of 1988 & 1993 said on February 15, 2010 11:43 PM:

Just ask Esequiel Hernandez's family how well this is all going to work.  Ironically, my grandfather, a full blooded Mexican come naturalized US Citizen in the 20s, testified before Congress on behalf of the Murphy Ranch, then the largest citrus ranch in Southern CA (and where the Nixon family had their general store and made their living of the migrant farm workers on the Murphy), for the "Bracero" program, which at the time, as many of you may know, is when the U.S. Govt., ranching and farming community gladly welcomed immigrant help in the labor force--always when it is convenient to the power structure's needs (or spin cover), it would seem.  And so it goes.  See you at the conference, Mitchell Diaz --and then there is HOPWOOD--don't get me started!

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