“One of the most provocative and challenging books on race produced in years”

Published 23 January 10 08:33 PM | oreillyh

That is Publishers’ Weekly description of The Miner's Canary: Enlisting Race, Resisting Power, Transforming Democracy

Fellow Reblaw speaker, Ian Haney Lopez calls the book “a hymn of hope” for those who fear the future.

The authors of The Miner's Canary  - Lani Guiner and Gerald Torres  - are the Kerynote speakers on Saturday evening, February 20th! Come to RebLaw to hear more about this topic from the authors themselves! Register here.

In the book and their Keynote talk, Profs. Guinier and Torres will discuss how ignoring racial differences – color blindness – has failed. Race and power intertwine at every level of social interaction, from classrooms to courtrooms to congressional districts. Only cross-racial coalitions can expose these embedded hierarchies of privilege and – through innovative power sharing and democratic engagement – demolish them. Guinier and Torres call this concept of enlisting race to resist power political race. The methodology of political race has policy implications for affirmative action, racial profiling, criminal justice, access to educational opportunity, voting and democracy. It is a methodology for diagnosing systemic injustice and then organizing to resist it.



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