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A Happy New Year 2014 Calendar For Our 3Ls

Happy New Year- time to make that all important decision of which calendar you will use for the upcoming year.  

Personally I will be going with a 2014 “Yoga Cats” calendar which despite the fact that I know the photos of the cats in yoga poses are not actually real (aka digitally created) it never ceases to make me laugh each month when I turn the page.  (Sad but true). 

But for you 3Ls we have a very special 2014 calendar for you. No you can’t find it at Barnes and Noble and you can’t order it on Amazon because it’s the …   “YLS Class of 2014 Loan Repayment Countdown Calendar”.

No glossy photos on this calendar- no pictures of cute puppies, no joke a day items… just basic month to month instructions to insure that when loan repayment actually hits you will be ready.  Loan repayment can be an overwhelming process and our calendar is designed to help you understand the nuances of loan repayment and also can make the most effective choices for your financial future.  The calendar is based on simple loan repayment in that it assumes that most loans have a six month post enrollment grace period and as such will most likely go into repayment November to December 2014. Your personal loan portfolio may have some slight differences that would alter that repayment schedule.

So begin in January and follow the steps and you should find yourself in a very good place on that “special day” when your loans do come due.  No need for the “yoga cats” to guide you along the way….

  Class of 2014 Loan Repayment Countdown Calendar



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