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[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (24th installment)

Accountability & Decision-making Processes 

Jeremy Waldron, Accountability: Fundamental to Democracy (March 2014) [SSRN]

Miriam Seifter, States as Interest Groups in the Administrative Process (March 2014) [SSRN]

Miriam Seifter, States, Agencies, and Legitimacy (March 2014) [SSRN]

Patrick Brown, Jerg Gutmann & Stefan Voigt, Let the Sunshine in: Why Countries Adopt Freedom of Information Acts (March 2014) [SSRN]

Kent H. Barnett, Codifying Chevmore (March 2014) [SSRN]


Judicial Review  

Eduardo Jordao & Susan Rose-Ackerman, Judicial Review of Executive Policymaking in Advanced Democracies: Beyond Rights Review, 66 Admin. L. Rev. 1 (2014) [Westlaw]

Richard H. Pildes, Institutional Formalism and Realism in Constitutional and Public Law (March 2014) [SSRN]

Matthew Steilen, Judicial Review and Non-Enforcement at the Founding (March 2014) [SSRN]

Nicholas A. Fromherz & Joseph Mead, Choosing a Court to Review the Executive (March 2014) [SSRN]

Paul Daly, Unreasonable Interpretations of Law (March 2014) [SSRN


Executive Department  

Adam S. Zimmerman, Presidential Settlements (March 2014) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation  

Richard Ekins, Interpretive Choice in Statutory Interpretation (March 2014) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence

Owen Humpage, Independent within - not of - Government: The Emergence of the Federal Reserve as a Modern Central Bank (March 2014) [SSRN]  


Modes of Governance and Regulation 

Omri Ben-Shahar & Carl E. Schneider, The Futility of Cost Benefit Analysis in Financial Disclosure Regulation (March 2014) [SSRN]

Erwin Chemerinsky, Jolene Forman, Allen Hopper & Sam Kamin, Cooperative Federalism and Marijuana Regulation (March 2014) [SSRN]

Joshua Mitts, Predictive Regulation (March 2014) [SSRN]

Kristin E. Hickman, Administering the Tax System We Have (March 2014) [SSRN]

David L. Markell & Robert L. Glicksman, A Holistic Look at Agency Enforcement (March 2014) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide 

Dana Remus & Adam S. Zimmerman, The Corporate Settlement Mill (March 2014) [SSRN


Environmental Law & Regulation 

Michael P. Vandenbergh, The Emergence of Private Environmental Governance (March 2014) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

David Lees & John Footman, The Court of the Bank of England (March 2014) [SSRN]

Adora D. Holstein, How Well Does Dodd-Frank Address Regulatory Gaps and Market Failures that Led to the Housing Bubble? (March 2014) [SSRN]

John Crawford, Wargaming Financial Crises: The Problem of (In)Experience and Regulator Expertise (March 2014) [SSRN]

Johannes W. Fedderke & Marco Ventoruzzo, Do Conservative Justices Favor Wall Street? Ideology and the Supreme Court's Securities Regulation Decisions (February 2014) [SSRN]   


Global Regulation/ Global Governance 

David Zaring, Sovereignty Mismatch and the New Administrative Law, 91 Wash. U.L. Rev. 59 (2013) [Westlaw