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[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (19th installment)

Judicial Review  

Cole D. Taratoot, The Influence of Administrative Law Judge and Political Appointee Decisions on Appellate Courts in National Labor Relations Board Cases, in Law & Policy (October 2013) [Wiley]  

Mark Elliott, Justification, Calibration and Substantive Judicial Review: Putting Doctrine in its Place (September 2013) [SSRN]  

Mark Elliott, Proportionality and Deference: The Importance of a Structured Approach (September 2013) [SSRN]  

Emily Hammond & David L. Markell, Administrative Proxies for Judicial Review: Building Legitimacy from the Inside-Out, 37 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 313 (2013) [Westlaw]


Executive Department 

Matthew Steilen, Collaborative Departmentalism, 61 Buff. L. Rev. 345 (2013) [Westlaw]  

Kate Andrias, The President's Enforcement Power (September 2013) [SSRN]

David S. Schwartz, Presidential Politics as a Safeguard of Federalism (October 2013) [SSRN]

Peter M. Shane, Legislative Delegation, the Unitary Presidency, and the Legitimacy of the Administrative State [SSRN]

Brendan C. Selby, Internal Agency Review, Authoritativeness, and Mead, 37 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 539 (2013) [Westlaw]  


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation  

William N. Eskridge, Jr., Nino's Nightmare: Legal Process Theory As A Jurisprudence of Toggling Between Facts and Norms, 57 St. Louis U. L.J. 865 (2013) [Westlaw]  

Mark Seidenfeld, A 'Process Failure' Theory of Statutory Interpretation (October 2013) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation  

Yehonatan Givati, Game Theory and the Structure of Administrative Law (October 2013) [SSRN]  

Lorne Sossin, Administrative Justice in an Interconnected World (October 2013) [SSRN]  

Peter H. Schuck & Steven Kochevar, Reg Neg Redux: The Career of a Procedural Reform (October 2013) [SSRN]


Public Administration 

Adrian Vermeule, The Administrative State: Law, Democracy, and Knowledge (November 2013) [SSRN]  

Eric C. Ip, The Economic Structure of Hong Kong Administrative Law: Efficiency and Legality of Government Decision-Making Since China's Resumption of Sovereignty, 12 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 227 (2013) [Westlaw]

Gregg G. Van Ryzin, Service Quality, Administrative Process, and Citizens' Evaluation of Local Government in the US, in: Public Management Review (October 2013) [Taylor & Francis Online]  

Stéphane Lavertu, David E. Lewis & Donald P. Moynihan, Government Reform, Political Ideology, and Administrative Burden: The Case of Performance Management in the Bush Administration. Public Administration Review (October 2013) [Wiley Online]  

Peter Barberis, The managerial imperative: Fifty years' change in UK public administration, 28 Public Policy and Administration 327 (2013) [SAGE journals]  


The Public/Private Divide 

Kimberly N. Brown, "We the People," Constitutional Accountability, and Outsourcing Government, 88 Ind. L.J. 1347 (2013) [Westlaw]  


Financial Regulation

Iman Anabtawi & Steven L. Schwarcz, Regulating Ex Post: How Law Can Address the Inevitability of Financial Failure (Juny 2013) [SSRN]  


EU Administrative Law 

Morten Egeberg, Åse Gornitzka & Jarle Trondal, A Not So Technocratic Executive? Everyday Interaction between the European Parliament and the Commission, in: West European Politics (September 2013) [Taylor & Francis Online]

Luca De Lucia, The Microphysics of European Administrative Law: Administrative Remedies in the EU after Lisbon (September 2013) [SSRN


Global Regulation/ Global Governance 

Daniel Abebe, Rethinking the Costs of International Delegations, 34 U. Pa. J. Int'l L. 491 (2013) [Westlaw]

Toby S. Goldbach, Benjamin Brake & Peter Katzenstein, The Movement of U.S. Criminal and Administrative Law: Processes of Transplanting and Translating (July 2013) [SSRN]

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