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[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (14th installment)


Katarina Staronova & Erik Láštic, Into the Labyrinth: The Rewards for High Public Office in Slovakia (May 2013) [SSRN]

Joel Rheuben, Enhancing the Right to Know in Japan: Translation of and Commentary on Proposed Amendments to the Information Disclosure Law (January 2013) [SSRN]


Executive Department

David J. Barron, Todd D. Rakoff, In Defense of Big Waiver, 113 Colum. L. Rev. 265 (2013) [Westlaw]  

Arthur H. Garrison, The Opinions by the Attorney General and the Office of Legal Counsel: How and Why They Are Significant, 76 Alb. L. Rev. 217 (2013) [Westlaw


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation  

William N. Eskridge, Jr., Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts. by Antonin Scalia and Bryan A. Garner. St. Paul: West, 2012. Pp. 567,113 Colum. L. Rev. 531 (2013) [Westlaw]

George K. Yin, The Role of Nonpartisan Staff in the Legislative Process (May 2013) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence  

Graham Greenleaf, Singapore's New Data Protection Authority: Strong Enforcement Powers and Business Risks (April 2013) [SSRN]  


Modes of Governance and Regulation  

Christopher Jon Arup, A Future for Regulation and Governance: Some Reflections @10 (May 2013) [SSRN]  

Hannah Jacobs Wiseman, Remedying Regulatory Diseconomies of Scale (April 2013) [SSRN]  

Muiris MacCarthaigh, Reform of Public Policy-Making in Ireland (March 2013) [SSRN]


Public Administration  

Willy McCourt, Models of Public Service Reform: A Problem-Solving Approach (April 2013) [SSRN]  


The Public/Private Divide 

Nina A. Mendelson, Private Control Over Access to Public Law: The Puzzling Federal Regulatory Use of Private Standards (May 2013) [SSRN]  

Tanja Klenk & Jonas Pieper, Accountability in a Privatized Welfare State: The Case of the German Hospital Market, 45 Administration & Society 326 (2013) [SAGE journals]


Financial Regulation  

Jonathan R. Macey, The Regulator Effect in Financial Regulation, 98 Cornell L. Rev. 591 (2013) [Westlaw]

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