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[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (11th installment)

Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Christopher R. Yukins & Jose A. Cora, Feature Comment: Considering the Effects of Public Procurement Regulations on Competitive Markets (March 2013) [SSRN]  

Robin Kundis Craig & J. B. Ruhl, Designing Administrative Law for Adaptive Management (February 2013) [SSRN]


Judicial Review 

Jonathan H. Adler, City of Arlington v. FCC: Questioning Agency Authority to Determine the Scope of Its Own Authority (February 2013) [SSRN]


Executive Department 

William R. Casto, Advising Presidents: Robert H. Jackson and the Problem of Dirty Hands (February 2013) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Daniel A. Crane, Enacted Legislative Findings and the Deference Problem (February 2013) [SSRN


Modes of Governance and Regulation 

David Levi-Faur, The Odyssey of the Regulatory State: From a 'Thin' Monomorphic Concept to a 'Thick' and Polymorphic Concept (March 2013) [SSRN]

Cass R. Sunstein, Behavioral Economics and Regulation (February 2013) [SSRN]

Barak Orbach, What is Government Failure? (February 2013) [SSRN]

Maria Barroso Gomes, Administrative Adjudication in Antitrust: Still a Controversy? An Annotated Bibliography (February 2013) [SSRN]

Rafael I. Pardo & Kathryn A. Watts, The Structural Exceptionalism of Bankruptcy Administration, 60 UCLA L. Rev. 384 (2012) [Westlaw


Public Administration 

Lene Holm Pedersen, Committed to the Public Interest? Motivation and Behavioural Outcomes Among Local Councillors, in: Public Administration (March 2013) [Wiley]

Moshe Maor, Theories of Bureaucratic Reputation (January 2013) [SSRN]

Francis Fukuyama, What is Governance? (January 2013) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide 

Judith Resnik, Globalization(s), Privatization(s), Constitutionalization, and Statization: Icons an Experiences of Sovereignty in the 21st Century (February 2013) [SSRN]

Jeroen Van der Heijden, Privatization of Building Code Enforcement: A Comparative Study of Regimes in Australia and Canada (January 2013) [SSRN]

Manuel J. De Vera, Philamer C. Torio, Michael O. Timbang & Charles Siriban, Asian Public-Private Partnerships: An Overview of Trends and Innovations (January 2013) [SSRN]

Matthew Titolo, Leasing Sovereignty: On State Infrastructure Contracts, 47 U. Rich. L. Rev. 631 (2013) [Westlaw]

Zoe Radnor & Stephen P. Osborne, Lean: A failed theory for public services?, 15 Public Management Review 265 (2013) [Taylor & Francis Online]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Alexandra B. Klass, Climate Change and the Convergence of Environmental and Energy Law (February 2013) [SSRN]