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[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (4th installment)

Administrative Rulemaking

Kevin M. Stack, Interpreting Regulations (Nov. 2012) [SSRN]   



Francesca Bignami, Comparative Administrative Law (Nov. 2012) [SSRN]  

Sidney A. Shapiro, Elizabeth C. Fisher & Wendy E. Wagner, The Enlightenment of Administrative Law: Looking Inside the Agency for Legitimacy, 47 Wake Forest L. Rev. 463 (2012) [Westlaw]

Cynthia R. Farina et al., Knowledge in the People: Rethinking 'Value' in Public Rulemaking Participation (Nov. 2012) [SSRN]  


Judicial Review

Nuno Garoupa, Marian Gili & Fernando Gómez-Pomar, Political Influence and Career Judges: An Empirical Analysis of Administrative Review by the Spanish Supreme Court, 9 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 795 (2012) [Wiley Online]  

Kevin M. Stack, Interpreting Regulations (Nov. 2012) [SSRN]  

Thomas W. Merrill, Justice Stevens and the Chevron Puzzle, 106 Northwestern University Law Review 551 (2012) [Westlaw]  


Executive Department

Alysia Blackham & George Williams, The Appointment of Ministers from Outside of Parliament (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Dawn Johnsen, "The Essence of a Free Society": The Executive Powers Legacy of Justice Stevens and the Future of Foreign Affairs Deference, 106 Northwestern University Law Review 467 (2012) [Westlaw]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Victoria F. Nourse, A Decision Theory of Statutory Interpretation: Legislative History by the Rules, 122 Yale L.J. 70 (2012) [Westlaw]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Eric Tucker, Old Lessons for New Governance: Safety or Profit and the New Conventional Wisdom (Oct. 2012) [SSRN

Gillian E. Metzger, To Tax, To Spend, To Regulate, 126 Harv. L. Rev. 83 (2012) [HLR]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Robert V. Percival, Human Rights and the Evolution of Global Environmental Law (Nov. 2012) [SSRN]

Nicholas A. Robinson et al., Comparative Environmental Law and Regulation (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

Jeffrey Manns, Downgrading Rating Agency Reform (Nov. 2012) [SSRN]  

William A. Birdthistle & M. Todd Henderson, Becoming the Fifth Branch (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  


EU Administrative Law

Vihar Georgiev, Too Much Executive Power? Delegated Law-Making and Comitology in Perspective (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Lukasz Gruszczynski, The REACH Regulation and the TBT Agreement: The Role of the TBT Committee in Regulatory Processes (Sept. 2012) [SSRN]  

Peer Zumbansen, Lochner Disembedded: The Anxieties of Law in a Global Context (Nov. 2012) [SSRN