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[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (2nd installment)

Below is the second installment of the New Scholarship Series, a new initiative on the Comparative Administrative Law Blog. As always, please use the Contact form of the Blog to suggest scholarship for inclusion in forthcoming updates.

Julia Black, Calling Regulators to Account: Challenges, Capacities and Prospects (2012) [SSRN]  

Sabino Cassese, New paths for administrative law: A manifesto, 10 Int'l J. Const. L. 603 (2012) [Oxford Journals]  

Carrie Leonetti, Watching the Hen House: Judicial Rulemaking and Judicial Review, 91 Neb. L. Rev. 72 (2012) [Westlaw]  

Mark Elliott & Christopher F. Forsyth, A Right to Administrative Justice? (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]

Giuseppe Bellantuono, Comparing Regulatory Innovations for Climate Change: Smart Grids Policies in the USA and the EU (2012) [SSRN]  

Aziz Z. Huq, Enforcing (But Not Defending) 'Unconstitutional' Laws, 98 Va. L. Rev. 1001 (2012) [Westlaw]

Sean J. Griffith, Governing Systemic Risk: Towards a Governance Structure for Derivatives Clearinghouses, 61 Emory L.J. 1153 (2012) [Westlaw]  

Benjamin Van Rooij, The People's Regulation: Citizens and Implementation of Law in China, 25 Colum. J. Asian L. 116 (2012) [Westlaw]  

Ida Haryanti Binti Mohd Noor  & Radiah Othman, Budgetary Participation: How it Affects Performance and Commitment (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Zubair Shahid, The Role of Political Incentives in Designing Decentralization Reforms (2012) [SSRN]  

Richard A. Bierschbach & Stephanos Bibas, Notice-and-Comment Sentencing (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Ellen P. Aprill, The Impact of Agency Procedures and Judicial Review on Tax Reform (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]

Nicholas W. Barber, Self-Defence for Institutions (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Graham Mayeda, Legal Aspects of the Security-Development Nexus: International Administrative Law as a Check on the Use of Development Assistance in the 'War on Terror', 13 Chi. J. Int'l L. 71 (2012) [Hein]  

Stephen M. Johnson, In Defense of the Short Cut, 60 U. Kan. L. Rev. 495 (2012) [Westlaw]

Robert L. Glicksman, Governance of Public Lands, Public Agencies, and Natural Resources (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]

Farrah Ahmed & Adam Perry, Promises, Practices, and Policies: A Rule-Based Unification of the Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]   

William F. West & Connor Raso, Who Shapes the Rulemaking Agenda? Implications for Bureaucratic Responsiveness and Bureaucratic Control [SSRN]  

Kanishka Jayasuriya, Regulatory State with Dirigiste Characteristics: Variegated Pathways of Regulatory Governance (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Mark Elliott, Ombudsmen, Tribunals, Inquiries: Re-Fashioning Accountability Beyond the Courts (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]  

Ethan J. Leib, Localist Statutory Interpretation (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Stavros Gadinis, From Independence to Politics in Financial Regulation (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]

Jim Rossi & Thomas G. Hutton, Federal Preemption and the Clean Energy Floor (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]  

Emily S. Bremer, The Unwritten Constitution of the Fourth Branch (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]

Ronald J. Krotoszynski, The Separation of Legislative and Executive Powers (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]

Rachel E. Barkow, Prosecutorial Administration (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]  

Jarrod Hepburn, The Duty to Give Reasons for Administrative Decisions in International Law, 61 Int'l & Comp. L.Q. 641 (2012) [Cambridge Journals]  

Anya Bernstein, Congressional Will and the Role of the Executive in Bivens Actions: What is Special About Special Factors? 45 Ind. L. Rev. 719 (2012) [Westlaw]  

J.B. Ruhl, The Endangered Species Act's Fall from Grace in the Supreme Court, 36 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 487 (2012) [Westlaw]  

William L.  Andreen, Of Fables and Federalism: A Re-Examination of the Historical Rationale for Federal Environmental Regulation, 42 Envtl. L. 627-679 (2012) [Westlaw]

Caroline E. Foster, Adjudication, Arbitration and the Turn to Public Law 'Standards of Review': Putting the Precautionary Principle in the Crucible (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Robert Thomas, From 'Adversarial v Inquisitorial' to 'Active, Enabling, and Investigative': Developments in UK Administrative Tribunals (Sept. 2012) [SSRN]

Rhonda A. Breit, Paul Henman & Rick Snell, Towards a Qualitative Approach to Evaluating Access to Information Legislation (Sept. 2012) [SSRN]

Varda Bondy & Andrew Le Sueur, Designing Redress: A Study About Grievances Against Public Bodies (Aug. 2012) [SSRN]  

William E. Scheuerman, Emergencies, Executive Power, and the Uncertain Future of US Presidential Democracy, 37 Law & Soc. Inquiry 743 (2012) [Westlaw]  

Christopher S. Yoo, A Clash of Regulatory Paradigms (Oct. 2012) [SSRN]  

Joanna Bird, Regulating the Regulators: Accountability of Australian Regulators, 35 Melb. U. L. Rev. 739 (2011) [Hein]