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The Only Game in Town

Brace yourselves -- I'm about to write a blog post that's not about food. 

After using the winter as an excuse to eat with reckless abandon (more weight = more insulation = more warmth, right?), my husband and I decided that the start of spring meant that we needed to find more activities that didn't revolve around food and (preferably) involved being outside.  We've had our eye for quite some time on The Only Game in Town, a "family fun center" just a short drive away in North Haven, CT. 


It's got arcade games, batting cages, a climbing wall, a driving range, three kinds of mini-golf, and go-karts.  We had to wait a few months to check the place out because it's closed during the winter from November until March. 

If you're into arcade games, there may be better places to go, although The Only Game in Town certainly had all the basics covered -- there was a foosball table, air hockey, skeeball, bankshot basketball, racing games, fighting games, shooting games, skill cranes, Dance Dance Revolution, Deal or No Deal, and of course those fun little games you can play for tickets that you can then redeem for prizes that probably cost the arcade a fraction of a cent to buy but you just HAVE to have that 600-ticket Nerf Slingshot so you keep playing ticket games until before you know it you've spent about $40 worth of quarters on the Buzzy Buzzy Bee game.  Not that I know what that's like...<eyeing Nerf Slingshot appreciatively>


But we were there primarily for two things: mini-golf and go-karts.  The Only Game in Town has a 9-hole dinosaur-themed mini-golf course that's perfect for kids as well as an 18-hole course, both of which are outdoors.


Because it was such a nice day, we opted this time for the 18-hole outdoor course, but we plan to come back for the indoor glow-in-the-dark/blacklight "Thriller" mini-golf course.  We checked out the blacklight course before deciding, and I have to admit, I watch a lot of horror movies but I wasn't ready to be greeted by this:


Though frightening and creepy, the course is actually quite amazing from an artistic perspective:


I'm not exactly sure how you're supposed to be able to see what you're doing, but I suppose that's half the challenge (the other half would be figuring out how to focus on the game while a giant evil clown-head is staring at you).

We'll be back to give it a try, but for this visit, we headed outside into the sunshine.  I should note that my husband and I take mini-golf extremely seriously.  There is typically a lot of trash-talking in the hours preceding a mini-golf game -- sometimes even days before, if we make plans early enough.     


But he and I both know that I'm the better mini-golfer.  See how my (vibrant and exciting) purple ball is closer to the hole than his (boring and standard) white ball?  I'm happy to report that I was able to back up my trash-talking with a win (admittedly only by two strokes), and I even scored a hole-in-one on the 17th hole:


There it is -- in all its glory!

We ended our trip to The Only Game in Town by taking their go-karts for a test drive.  I was a little reluctant to spend $10 on five minutes of go-kart racing, but my husband convinced me that it would be worth it.  I ended up having a blast, plus I think the guys running the go-karts actually let us drive around for more than five minutes -- thanks, guys!

All in all, not a bad way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  Who knew you could have so much fun without eating?