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It's a FroyoWorld After All

A few years ago, when I was living in Chicago, I started noticing frozen yogurt shops popping up all over the city.  From Pinkberry to Red Mango, Berrymoon, Yogen Fruz, Forever Yogurt, Yoberri, and Berry Chill, froyo was everywhere.  Froyo was the new cupcake. 

Seeing it as just a fad that had migrated over from the West Coast, I was a bit reluctant to jump on the bandwagon, and my first experience with so-called California tart frozen yogurt left me unimpressed.  But the taste grew on me, and within a year or so, I was a full-fledged froyo fan.  I welcomed with open arms the new Red Mango that showed up practically down the street from my house in the summer of 2012.  And when I decided to move back to New Haven, I remember the despair I felt as I wondered where I would go to get my frozen yogurt fix.

You can imagine my excitement when I arrived in New Haven and discovered a FroyoWorld just blocks away from the Law School, next to the Yale Center for British Art.  On a hot and humid July day (like today), there isn't much that beats the sanctuary of an air-conditioned, WiFi-equipped frozen yogurt lounge.

It may be a small space, but the inside of FroyoWorld is bright, modern, and fun.  If you're planning on staying, hang out at one of the tables in the back or grab a seat at the side counter on one of their funky, clear, acrylic bar stools.


What I love about FroyoWorld is that it's self-serve, so you can get exactly as much yogurt as you want and load it up with however much of whatever toppings you like, all for 49 cents per ounce.  And boy, are there a lot of toppings.  Everything you'd expect (diced fruit, crushed candy bars, nuts, sprinkles, various cereals, whipped cream, and sauces in squeeze bottles) and a few things you might not (tropical juice poppers, cheesecake cubes, neon sour gummy worms, and -- my favorite -- mochi balls).


The frozen yogurt flavors range from original and strawberry tart to coconut and chocolate banana, and for those who can't decide between flavors and don't enjoy the commingling of, say, passion fruit tart and cookies n' creme frozen yogurt, FroyoWorld supplies nifty cup dividers to keep your flavors and toppings separate.

If you're unsure about what to get (or even if you're not!), you can always ask an employee for samples.  In my opinion, you can never go wrong with their original tart and cake batter flavors.  The original tart is light, clean, and refreshing with just the right amount of yogurty tang.  For a creamier and sweeter option that's a great base for some of the more decadent chocolatey toppings, the cake batter satisfies.  Personally, I love pairing the original tart with graham cracker dust, fresh strawberries, and mochi balls (for a great chewy texture). 



And here's the typical end result:

FroyoWorld isn't the only option for frozen yogurt in New Haven.  A new froyo shop called Polar Delight is being built just two blocks down from FroyoWorld, on Chapel Street (no word yet on when they will open):

And there's also Flavors, the frozen yogurt joint that is literally across the street from the Law School:

Despite its great proximity to the Sterling Law Building, I wouldn't recommend going to Flavors -- especially if you don't mind walking a few extra blocks to FroyoWorld.  First of all, at 55 cents an ounce, Flavors' froyo is more expensive than FroyoWorld's.  Second, the two flavors that I've tried at Flavors -- the eurotart and birthday cake (basically the equivalent of original tart and cake batter) -- were inferior in taste and texture.  Both were noticeably icier, and the birthday cake was cloyingly sweet and tasted very artificial.  Third, Flavors seems to have fewer toppings than FroyoWorld (though, to their credit, they did have mochi, the most important topping of all!).  And fourth, Flavors is cash only, while FroyoWorld accepts credit cards.

How Polar Delight fares against FroyoWorld in the battle for New Haven froyo supremacy remains to be seen.  All I can say is that I look forward to participating in the carnage!


Roberta said:

The first time I ever had froyo was in 1977 in New Haven. My AP Word History teacher, a recent Yale grad, treated a bunch of us. Heaven. Still, how can you go for froyo when Ashley's is so close?

# September 6, 2013 8:53 AM

Aquafarm Nusantara said:

Frozen yoghurt, sounds delicious!!

# September 24, 2013 4:21 AM
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