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Wintertime in New Haven

January at the Law School is guaranteed to bring three things: quiet, applications, and snow.  In fact, it's snowing as I write this post.

I enjoy winter, but I realize it's not everyone's favorite time of year.  For those of you uneasy about spending three years in a place with four seasons, don't despair.  It doesn't snow as much in New Haven as it does in other parts of the Northeast and temperatures are usually warmer along the Long Island Sound than they are further inland.  During my time at the Law School I don't recall any reported cases of hypothermia and at last check all of our students from warmer climes were accounted for. 

Contrary to the opinion of my friends from more temperate locales, life doesn't stop at 40 degrees (I'm looking at you Californians). Most of the fun things to do we discuss in our blog continue in the winter, even the farmer's market!  If you're into winter activities, there's a lot to do in New Haven, Connecticut, and New England.

There are many skiing options in the area.  Connecticut has four ski resorts and some of the best skiing in the country is located a few hours away in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.   Snowboarders are also welcome at many of the resorts.

On campus, there's the Yale Alpine Skiing Team, the Nordic Skiing Team, and the Snowboarding Club.  These are club sports in which law students are welcome to participate on either a recreational or competitive basis.  During a recent snowstorm the Nordic Ski Team members were seen skiing to class, so you may find this group to be of practical use.

If your interests tend more towards ice than snow, Yale Club Ice Hockey (not to be confused with our women's and #1-ranked men's varsity teams) has recently played in the Metropolitan Collegiate Hockey Conference.  For those looking to wear less protective gear, the Collegiate Figure Skating Club welcomes members of all skill levels for its weekly practices. 

The Eero Saarinen-designed Ingalls Rink, commonly known as the Whale, serves as the home for ice-related activities at Yale.  There's arguably no better place the world for the modern architecture enthusiast to skate.  Depending on weather conditions and how the person plowing the street in front of the Law School was feeling, you may also find good skating right on Wall Street.

If you prefer less formal wintertime outdoor activities, you're sure to find participants for your fort building or Dalek sculpting projects.  For the risk takers, the only thing more daring than eating the dining hall food is partaking in Yale's tradition of sledding on the trays on which it is served.  You might even find yourself caught in the crossfire of an impromptu snowball fight in the Law School courtyard, like the one caught on camera at the top of this page.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to spend some of your wintertime in New Haven.  Of course, if you prefer to spend the winter huddled under blankets with your thermostat set on 90 degrees that's fine too.  Just be prepared to venture out every day for class:  Yale hasn't had a snow day since 1978.



Vlad said:

Ingalls Rink is definitely a place to visit. What can be better then skating when you got time?

Thanks for sharing.

# September 18, 2012 5:25 PM
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