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Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA

The Law School and Yale's School of Management (SOM) unveiled a pilot three-year joint degree program last spring for students interested in an integrated law and business curriculum.  At the end of the three year Accelerate Integrated JD-MBA program (AI JD-MBA), students earn both a JD and an MBA.  Yale is the third university in the country to offer a three-year JD-MBA and the first do so without requiring summer classes.  The summer before the first year of the program and subsequent summers during the program are open, so students can pursue internships and other employment opportunities.

"The program will prepare students for the increasingly complex intersection of business and law," said former Dean Harold Koh.  "Students will master analytical and quantitative skills that will be of value for a business law-related practice but also more broadly for careers as entrepreneurs and managers in business and non-profit organizations."

The new program supplements our existing four-year JD-MBA program, one of the most popular joint degree programs at YLS.  As the name implies, the four-year JD-MBA allows students to complete both degrees in four years with no summer coursework.  One of the highlights of this program (and most of our other joint degree programs) is the curricular and scheduling flexibility afforded to participants.  Students in the four-year program are mostly free to choose which semesters they spend at which school, as long as total of five terms are spent at YLS and three are spent at SOM.  Additionally, the four-year JD-MBA is not limited to SOM.  Students have the ability to pursue their MBA at a different university.

In order to compress the rigorous JD-MBA curriculum into three years, participants lose some flexibility when compared to the four-year program.  Students must begin the program at YLS, where they spend their first year.  In the second year, students spend both semesters at SOM, but take one class in the spring at YLS.  The third year is spent at YLS.  When compared to the four-year program, students lose ability to take one term's worth of electives at YLS; two when compared to non-joint degree students.

Students pay regular JD tuition in their first year, a special tuition to SOM in their second year, and a special tuition to YLS in their third year.  Need-based loans taken during the semesters in which students paid tuition to SOM are eligible for SOM's Loan Forgiveness Support.  Need-based loans taken during the semesters in which students paid tuition to the YLS are eligible for COAP.

Applicants interested in the AI JD-MBA must apply to both YLS and SOM.  The applications can either be submitted simultaneously or YLS students can apply to the program during their first year of law school.  Detailed application instructions for simultaneous applicants and YLS 1Ls can be found on our website.

More information about the three-year AI JD-MBA and four-year JD-MBA programs, as well as our other joint degrees, can be found on our joint degree page.  The AI JD-MBA Program has its own site hosted by the Yale Law School Center for the Study of Corporate Law.  In addition to an overview of the program and application instructions, you can view videos of professors and alumni talking about the AI JD-MBA and the benefits of pursuing degrees in law and business.


QS said:

That is a great program offering the option to receive two degrees in three years. Very few universities offering such accelerated option and Yale is the best provider of such program.

# December 21, 2009 8:47 AM

mbaguyamit said:

Two professional degree in such a short time. Excellent option both for Law and MBA students.

Thanks YALE University.

# November 3, 2010 5:22 AM