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For that end of the term cramming…

Whether you are finishing up your SAW, studying for the Property final exam, or just looking for a good place to read that novel, Yale campus and New Haven have tons of places to grab a seat and get down to work. 

The Law School building is an easy place to study.  As law students know, if you are looking for quiet, well-lit, not-to-mention stunning place to spread out your casebooks, the main reading room of the Lillian Goldman Law Library is the perfect place to get started.  You will also quickly see that the Law Library's other floors are full of little nooks and crannies where you can find a comfy chair to hide away in.  To fit in a quick chapter between classes, the Law School's student lounge, alumni reading room, and dining hall are all easy places to stop.  In fact, you may never need to leave the building except, of course, for study breaks.

But maybe you want to get out...  Other study-friendly rooms can be found across the street from the Law School on the first floor of the Sterling Memorial Library, the main library of Yale University.  The main reference reading room here is another quiet, well-lit room with rows of long tables where you can plug in your laptop and spread out your books.  There is also the classic dark wood and green leather of the newspaper reading room, where you can spend your study breaks catching up on current events from your choice of U.S. and world newspapers.  If you prefer total silence for concentration try the reading room upstairs in the Music Library.  There you can sit under a domed ceiling at a long table or pick a nice chair in the corner of a room so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  The L&B (Linonia and Brothers) reading room, with walls lined with popular fiction, offers cozy chairs overlooking a courtyard.  This room is a bit on the dark side, so you may find that you get more sleeping than reading done here! 

For a much more casual library scene, walk across the way to the newly remodeled Bass Library, where the entryway is crammed with tables of chatting students and a café offering treats.  Step inside the library itself for a leather chair and a slightly quieter venue.

If you prefer to leave the library to do your reading, the town of New Haven, with its abundance of students, is full of coffee shops, comfy chairs, and free wi-fi.  The Publick Cup (http://www.thepublickcup.com/) just down the block from the Law School offers free wi-fi and is a favorite spot for students in between class.  Walk down Wall Street the other direction and you will also find wi-fi at the new, modern, Blue State Coffee (http://www.bluestatecoffee.com/) originally of Providence, RI.  This is a coffee shop with a cause, which donates 5% of proceeds to charities voted on by patrons. Willoughby's (http://www.willoughbyscoffee.com/locations.php) on the corner of Grove and Church streets has been a New Haven institution since 1985.  This popular coffee shop also has a newly-opened, sleek location on York Street in the new School of Architecture Building.  

When the weather is nice, try Book Trader Cafe (http://booktradercafe.com/) on Chapel Street, where you will find a table to sit outside and a great sandwich.  You can pick up a used book too.  If your reading is light, you can always grab a bench or throw a blanket down in the Law School courtyard, or one of the many grassy areas on the Yale campus. 

That should get you started with places to work - now you just have to find your favorite and get to it!


Posted: Mar 30 2009, 04:35 PM by Tracey | with 2 comment(s)
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Joe Blow said:

Yale is such a cold and boring town. Let's be realistic, New York or Los Angeles offers much more enjoyable venues for studying.

# May 18, 2009 5:50 PM
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