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The Right Side of Your Brain

You may worry that the right side of your brain will feel neglected in law school as the left side busily tries to process court opinion after court opinion.  For a start, you can always add a class on law and literature, but if your creative side still craves more nourishment, walk over to the Audubon Arts District.

The Audubon Arts District is my favorite corner of New Haven.  Located off of Whitney Avenue, a few blocks from the Law School, Audubon Street is a great place to spend a weekend afternoon.  Whether studying for your torts final in Koffee (www.koffeekoffee.com), a cozy coffee house with a great room full of windows overlooking a small park, or browsing through the sheet music at The Foundry (http://www.foundrymusicco.com/index.shtm), the Audubon Arts District has something to offer everyone.

I really grew to appreciate Audubon Street last year when I took a few art classes at the Creative Arts Workshop (www.creativeartsworkshop.org/), a local gallery and center for arts education. Another class is at the top of my list of New Year's resolutions!

The Creative Arts Workshop offers classes from painting and drawing, to photography and pottery.  It is a casual place to brush up on an art skill from college or delve into something new.  More than 300 courses are offered by the Workshop each year, including evening and weekend courses for those of us who are busy during the day.  Believe it or not, even busy graduate students can spare a few hours out of their week for some creative expression, and there were always a few in class.  I enrolled in a drawing class to brush up, and then moved on to a few painting classes.  I even attempted a portraiture painting class, which was not easy!

If creating art is not up your alley, you might still like to visit the Workshop's two exhibition rooms to view regional and national exhibitions and exhibitions by CAW faculty and students. You can also head down the street to the Arts Council of Greater New Haven (http://www.newhavenarts.org/) for a visit to the Small Space Gallery featuring regional artists.  While you are there, pick up a calendar of arts events in the New Haven area.   To continue your gallery tour, walk a block over to Trumbull Street for a visit to the John Slade Ely House (www.elyhouse.org) and view the exhibitions of contemporary regional artists.

On the other side of the Creative Arts Workshop, you will find the Neighborhood Music School, one of the 10 largest community art schools in the country.  If you were one of those kids who quit playing the piano around the age of 13 and now you find you would love to get back to it, or if you are looking to join a local jazz ensemble or chamber choir, the Neighborhood Music School (http://www.nmsmusicschool.org/index.html) might offer just what you are looking for.  In addition to a wide variety of music and dance classes for children, NMS offers adult classes in everything from beginning piano to jazz improvisation, drama and dance classes.  

Audubon Street is also home to the New Haven ballet studios (www.newhavenballet.org) and the ACES Educational Center for the Arts (www.aces.org), a public arts magnet high school, with its Arts Hall and Little Theater performance spaces.



2L said:

Oddly enough, the photographs currently on display at Koffee on Audubon are the product of a law student. He's the featured artist of the month: www.koffeefamily.com/.../index.shtml

# February 17, 2009 8:13 AM

Carleton Banks said:

Its actually 'Tracey', not 'Tracy', Will. :p

# February 17, 2009 7:43 PM

Benjamin Heo said:

I really really wanna be there.

What a perfect place to study~!

# February 21, 2009 9:32 PM
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