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Spotlight on LAMP

Those of you who have spent time browsing our website are probably familiar, at least passingly, with the many centers and programs at YLS.  By my count, eleven such organizations are currently sponsored by YLS.  Centers and programs serve as intellectual hubs within the School that attract faculty, students, practitioners, and visiting researchers and scholars, interested in a particular area of the law.  They extend the traditional classroom curriculum by sponsoring lectures, speaker series, workshops, and research projects.  Several also sponsor internships and fellowships open to YLS students during the summer and after graduation.

The centers and programs cover broad subject areas such as public interest law (Arthur Liman Program), corporate law (Center for the Study of Corporate Law), and environmental law (Center for Environmental Law and Policy), as well as more narrowly focused areas such as Chinese legal reform (The China Law Center), international human rights (Schell Center for International Human Rights), and the impact of information technologies on law and society (Information Society Project).  A full listing of the centers, programs, and projects at YLS can be found on our website under "intellectual life."

The newest program at YLS is the Law and Media Program (LAMP).  Formed in the last year, LAMP attracts students, scholars, journalists, and policy makers studying and working in the intersection of law, media, and journalism.  It sponsors conferences, lectures, summer internships, a lunchtime speaker series, and it lobbies for law and media-related additions to the curriculum.  In LAMP's inaugural year, we're pleased to have two alumnae return to YLS to work with LAMP and to enrich the intellectual life of the School.  Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Linda Greenhouse joins us as the Knight Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence after spending nearly three decades covering the US Supreme Court for The New York Times and Emily Bazelon, a Senior Editor at Slate, returns as the Truman Capote Fellow in Writing and Law.

YLS has a long history of involvement with the media community, primarily through our Masters of Studies in Law (MSL) program.  The MSL program is a one-year degree program for mid-career journalists interested in a firm grounding in legal studies.  Graduates of the program include Linda Greenhouse, Charlie Savage (The New York Times and another Pulitzer Prize winner), Charles Lane (Washington Post), and Barbara Bradley Hagerty (NPR).  Of course, alumni of the JD program have also made significant contributions to journalism and to law and media policy.  Some of them include Jeff Greenfield (CBS News), Steve Brill (founder of Court TV and The American Lawyer), Joel Hyatt (CEO of Current TV), Floyd Abrams (a partner at Cahill Gordon & Reindel and a leading practitioner of First Amendment law), and Reed Hundt (former FCC Chairman).

The new Law and Media Program gives a formal home and renewed focus to the law, media, and journalism endeavors (sorry, Asha) at YLS.  If you're interested in journalism, media and communication policy, or studying the intersection of law and media, LAMP offers something unique:  the ability to get not only a world-class legal education, but also to gain access to leading journalists like Linda Greenhouse and an alumni network rich with leaders in the field of law and media.