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The Y-Train is Still in the Station

Dear Asha,

Is it too late to apply to Yale Law School?  Will I still have a chance to get in if I apply now?



Dear C.J.,

No, it is not too late to apply, and yes, you still have a chance.

First, our application deadline isn't until February 15, so you still have plenty of time to put your application together.

Second, as I've mentioned in a previous post, we have a unique admissions review system in which students are admitted in roughly equal numbers throughout the admissions season.  In other words, although our admissions process is "rolling" in the sense that we give offers on an ongoing basis, your chances of admission remain roughly the same regardless of when you apply in the season.  We do not fill the class until we have read all of the applications in the pool, so there is no way you can apply "too late."

So get to work and submit your application if you are interested in YLS -- we promise to give your application a thorough review!


Please submit questions to 203blog@yale.edu.

Posted: Feb 06 2008, 10:51 AM by asha
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