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To Complete, or Not to Complete

Dear Asha,

      I plan to submit my application within a few days. However, I am just beginning some exciting projects that may come to fruition in the next few months. Depending on the outcomes, I may want to provide additional information to the Admissions Committee. Once my complete application is submitted, is it possible to supplement it?
Dear J.S.,
     It is possible to supplement your complete application.  However, keep in mind that once your application is complete -- that is, once we receive the basic components of your applications, including your LSDAS report and two recommendations -- your application will enter the queue to be reviewed.  Once it is under active review, during which your application is circulated outside of the Admissions Office to faculty readers, any supplemental material received in the meantime will be held until the file is returned.  This means, of course, that we can't guarantee that your supplemental material will be included at the time that the file is reviewed.  And, we will generally not re-review a file upon receipt of supplemental material.
    If you feel very strongly that your file be considered only after you obtain any additional information you think might be relevant, I would suggest that you wait to submit your application until you have everything you are waiting for (but before our deadline of February 15).  As I noted previously, there is no inherent disadvantage to sending in your application later rather than sooner, though it may mean that you will not get your decision until later in the season.
  On the other hand, if your file is reviewed without the additional information and you are waitlisted, the supplemental materials may be useful in the event that we revisit your file.  So, the decision is up to you -- best of luck!
-- Asha
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Posted: Oct 25 2007, 02:01 PM by asha
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